Scouting: Mt Riga, Sunset Rock, and the Berkshires

My Saturday ride was *not* a GrNY group ride, but I thought I would share a scouting report for those who are interested in riding in this lovely region in the future. I don’t recommend taking my exact route (i.e. don’t do this: But I have posted a revised version below.

The heart of my ride was Mark L’s 2021 Mt Riga route, which he has characterized in detail ( Thank you Mark! In my infinite wisdom (i.e. foolishness) I decided that I wanted an extended version of Mark’s adventure. The version I rode ended up being 80 miles and ~7500′ of climbing.

Overall: It was an epic ride that included the ~1250′ climb up Mt Riga, the steeper ~1000′ climb up Sunset Rock, and the beautiful (flat) River Rd along the Housatonic River just north of West Cornwall. My version added a pleasant southern gravel loop in the Sharon, CT region, which could easily be extended by continuing in the southeast direction (see if you are unfamiliar). I had originally mapped >90 miles before sanity kicked in and I cut it down to 80.

Interesting dirt/gravel sections (in order of appearance):

  • The Mt Riga climb (1250′) was not as tough as I had expected/feared. It was long, but the average grade was ~5% and the really steep sections were not too long.
  • Sunset Rock (1000′) was actually tougher with a much steeper average grade on the main climb.
  • Between the Lakes Rd (mostly flat) was a wonderful stretch of dirt between Washinee Lake and Twin Lakes. Great water views in both directions.
  • Wildcat Hollow Rd (mostly flat) was somewhat true to it’s name in that it was a minimally maintained, very rough section of dirt/gravel through the woods. A bit more technical than other roads mentioned thus far.
  • The section of River Rd (flat), just north of West Cornwall, was a lovely highlight. It was between a seemingly rarely-used train corridor and the impressive Housatonic River.
  • Mt Easter Rd and Clay Bed Road (skip it): I rode this 3.5 mile sand pit so you don’t have to! After climbing at 9% average grade for 1.1 miles in the afternoon sun (up Swaller Hill Rd) I entered Mt Easter “road”. I would characterize it as an unimproved jeep and ATV trail with big washouts and deep sand in many places. I continued for the complete distance, slowly fishtailing in the sand, bunny hopping over gulleys, and nearly toppling over a few times. If you are going to visit here, don’t do it on 38mm slicks like I did!
  • The southern gravel loop included Butter Rd, Bowne Rd, and Tichnor Rd. These were very pleasant forested gravel roads over rolling terrain. They were mostly well-maintained.

Mark’s 2021 Riga Route (67 miles, ~5700′):

Steve’s extended version (78 miles, ~7000′):
– This improved version removes the 3.5 mile Mt Easter Rd section of sandy jeep/ATV trails. By consequence, it also removes the Swaller Hill Rd climb.

Parking: Nobody gave me trouble for parking at the Sharon Audubon Center on a quiet Saturday, but there were tons of signs saying ‘no parking’ during morning and afternoon camp pickup hours (presumable on weekdays?). Mark’s ride starts at Housatonic High School, but I’m guessing that parking is only allowed on weekends when school is not in session? Maybe someone who is local can chime in.


Race Track Rd (gravel) with mist rising in the morning air.
Race Track Rd (gravel) with mist rising in the morning air.
Gravel bike on dirt road
Dark Hollow Rd (lovely wooded section). I made use of a handy stick to serve as a kickstand.
Mt Riga Rd.
Mt Riga Rd. Blurry b/c I was climbing. I didn’t put a foot down until I got to the highest point of elevation.
Mt Washington Rd
Mt Washington Rd (after climbing Mt. Riga)
Bash Bish Falls
Bash Bish Falls (it’s a short walk to a very impressive waterfall)
Depot Deli just outside of Taconic State Park
Depot Deli just outside of Taconic State Park (where Kathy and I have camped a couple of times). There is a swimming area with water fountains and bathrooms in the campground across the street.
View from North Mountain Rd
View from North Mountain Rd (paved section on the way to the Sunset Rock climb)
Sunset Rock trailhead
Sunset Rock trailhead (near the top). 0.6 miles to the overlook.
Bow Wow and Giberson Rd
Bow Wow and Giberson Rd – pleasant country dirt.
Roberto's Pizza in Sheffield, MA.
Roberto’s Pizza in Sheffield, MA. Surprisingly good for not being in NY.
View from Barnum St
View from Barnum St (dirt segment).
Between the Lakes Rd
Between the Lakes Rd (using a stick kickstand again).
Wildcat Hollow.
Wildcat Hollow. Rougher than a lot of the other sections of dirt on this ride, but definitely rideable without too much trouble.
River Rd along the Housatonic River.
River Rd along the Housatonic River. Railroad tracks on the left, impressive river on the right. Very cool.
Mt Easter Rd and Clay Bed Rd.
Mt Easter Rd and Clay Bed Rd. Not recommended. Deep sand and lots of large washouts throughout.
More deep sand on Mt Easter Rd.
More deep sand on Mt Easter Rd.