GravelNY (GrNY) is a small, informal group of riders in/around New York City who like to get away from cars and be surrounded by nature. Of course, this being New York, those of us in the City have to ride through the City or take a train to get to/from nature. Sometimes we compromise by riding a paved trail rather than gravel, but we get as close as we can to our ideal, as often as we can.

We organize our rides using Strava. Check out our Strava Club for more details. To join us, simply request membership to our Strava club. Occasionally we also post ride pictures on Our Instagram Page.

Please note: Not everyone is approved for membership in our Strava club. We look to see that you've done rides that are 35+ miles long and that you're located in the NY Metro Area - because pretty much all our rides are >35 miles long in the NYC area. If you meet those criteria but they're not reflected in your Strava profile, please send us an email ( and include a link to your Strava profile.