GrNY Spring Gravel Series: April 30 – May 21, 2022

I’m happy to announce GrNY’s first Spring Gravel Series! There will be two or three “ride groups” each week, which will differ in pace and distance. There will also be a common hangout location after each ride, so all groups can socialize over food, drinks, or ice cream. With luck, all groups will end at around the same time, but will have travelled different distances. We hope you can join us!

Ride Groups

  1. Long (60-65+ miles): These rides will be led by Steve. If you’ve ridden with him, then you understand the intensity of those rides. If you haven’t – they’re pretty intense!
  2. Short (33-45 miles): A shorter distance, more casual group that I (Jay) will be leading. On weeks without a medium distance, I will be co-leading with Kathy. Pace will be slower and stops will be more frequent.
  3. Medium: Only during certain weeks. Kathy will lead these rides. Pace will be only slightly faster than the Short group, but the route will be longer and more challenging (e.g. more climbing).

Ride Organization

  • Each group will have several “wait for everyone” stops, including a longer lunch stop.
  • At the first stop, we may further subdivide into a “main group” (ride leader + riders who can keep pace) and “sweep group” (riders who will stay together at a slower pace).
  • If anyone is far behind the expected pace, they should be prepared to continue solo. Hopefully they will catch up at major stops (e.g. lunch).
  • For some rides, there will be the option of dropping back to a different ride group (e.g. from long to medium).


  • Long Distance: 19-20mph (NYCC standards), 16-17 mph (“Strava speed” on relatively flat routes). Led by Steve
  • Medium Distance: 16-17 mph (NYCC standards), 13-14 mph (“Strava speed” on relatively flat routes). Led by Kathy
  • Short Distance: ~14mph (NYCC standards), 11-12 mph (“Strava speed” on relatively flat routes). Led by Jay

Pace Expectations via Example Rides

It is difficult to describe pace for rides that include dirt, pavement, and substantial climbing. For those who are unfamiliar with the NYCC standards, we hope these examples will help guide you.

  • Long: 65 miles, >13 MPH, >5500 ft climbing
  • Medium: 55 miles, 11 MPH, >4000 ft climbing
  • Short: 37 miles, 10.5 MPH, >3000 ft climbing

The Rides Each Week

April 30 – NYC Gravel Classic (Washington Heights)

Starts in NYC, travels north to Nyack/Haverstraw, and then south on the Old Croton Aqueduct Trail. Riders from outside NYC will gain an appreciation of just how much nice riding is available just steps beyond Manhattan. All in all it’s pretty chill and easy.


  • 49 miles (or as little as 30 w/ MetroNorth return)
  • 1,990 feet climbing


  • 65 miles
  • 2,890 feet climbing (or 3,500 if you take River Road)

There’s not much climbing, and there are MetroNorth stops every few miles towards the end of the ride. So if you get in over your head it’s no big deal.

May 7 – Putnam County Gravel

This week is all about climbing and dirt roads. We will leave from Cold Spring, NY.


  • 33 miles
  • 2,900 feet of climbing (1,000 in the first 6.5 miles!)

Medium (has far less gravel than short and long)

  • 55 miles (can be 49 with a small tweak)
  • 4,770 feet climbing (200 less with “small tweak”)


  • 60 miles (w/ option for 56)
  • 6,630 feet climbing (w/ option for 6,380)

May 14 – Westchester Dirt

On this third week, we ride the dirt roads around Katonah, NY. It’s an incremental step up for the slow group and a slightly longer ride for the long group (but less climbing)…


  • – 39 miles- 3,680 feet climbing


– 49 miles- 4400 feet climbing


– 65 miles- 5,830 feet climbing

Given how the routes are designed, if you’re over your head in the long distance group you can pretty easily switch to the short distance route at several points to reduce the intensity of the ride.

May 21 –Dutchess & Litchfield Counties Gravel Ride

During this fourth week, we go up to Pawling in the Harlem Valley. Because trains up there are only every two hours there are “add-on” routes you can take that will get you to Brewster where trains run every hour. The add-on routes go on the new and very lovely Maybrook Trailway.


  • 46 miles
  • 3,650 feet climbing


  • 65 miles
  • 5,360 feet climbing

Add-on options for people taking MNR

  • +14 miles, 610 feet of climbing
  • +15 miles, 860 feet of climbing

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